On The CloverTac Tulsa Tour 2017

Hey #CloverTacCrew, I have an exciting opportunity that has come my way. I have opportunity to make a trip to Tulsa in November 2017. While I am there I will be spending several days at the J.M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum as well as the Wanenmacher’s Tulsa Arms Show. The J.M. Davis museum is an awesome place with literally thousands of firearms on display. The Wanenmacher Show is one of the biggest gun shows in the country.

Obviously, these places provide the opportunity to record months of great content for all you folks out there in the #CloverTacCrew. However, while I have plenty to time to make this happen, I do not think I can swing the funds to pull it off without a little help. With the costs of some minor repairs I need to make on the pickup to pull off  this trip of over 700 miles, lodging, meals, fuel and additional minor equipment needs to do sustain recording, batteries, cables, etc the total cost of this trip could be in excess of $600.

So, I am asking for your support to make this happen. If you can help by donating any amount to the trip, it is greatly appreciated. I will make sure to give shout outs to all those who helped sponsor this trip multiple times over multiple videos as the content gets produced. In addition, I hope to be able to pick up some souvenir items here and there along the trip to send to supporters as well.

The link to donate to the CloverTac Tulsa Trip 2017 is below. Please be sure to leave your YouTube or Gun Channels name if possible that way I can give you the thanks and appreciate you deserve for helping out.

Any Donation: Recognition, Shout Outs & Supporter Credits

$10 Donation: Limited Edition Tulsa Tour Sticker (Limit 40)

$20 Donation: Special 2-5 Minute Video You Can Post To YOUR Channel (Limit 10)

$50 Donation: Featured Advertising On A Tulsa Tour Video (Limit 4)

Thanks Guys

Chris Out!