On The Maker Hart Just Mixer (Pocket Mixer)

I have had my Maker Hart Just Mixer (Pocket Mixer) for about a week now. I was pretty impressed with this little mixer at first, then I started having issues. After messing around, tinkering with a few things now everything seems to be alright. So, I wanted to take a moment and relay my experiences with this product.

It comes with no cables so please be aware of that ahead of time and order what you need for your devices if you do not already have them. For the record here, I was not mislead about this and did not expect it to come with any cables, I just feel the need to remind anyone thinking of buying this mixer that those things will be needed.

When I first put batteries in this mixer and began to play with it, it seemed alright. It is not the highest quality mixer obviously but at the cost I never expected it to be. After a few hours of use I began to have weird issues, static, interference, noises, etc. At this time I also noticed that the “over” light was constantly coming on. I changed batteries and cables, adjusted setting on the mixer, changed inputs, etc but it made no difference, all of the goofy issues persisted or got worse.

Now, this unit has a micro USB connection on the side and there is a three position switch that reads usb-off-batt. When using the mixer previously I did try both the batt and usb positions to no avail. But, this prompted me to try powering the unit through USB. The power specs for this mixer indicate that it needs a 5v 1a power source. I dug around and found an old cell phone charger that was 5v 1.2A to try on this unit.

After hooking the mixer up to this external power source, things began not only working properly but working very, very well. The sound levels were great, there was no noise, the gain and volume controls did exactly what they needed to do, etc.

I was told by a friend that knows sound equipment that since this unit has gain control, it likely has a built in pre amp and this got me to thinking. If the power requirement is indeed 5v 1A then two AAA batteries may not provide not enough power. This could also be due to a flaw in the design of the battery power system of the unit. At any rate the more consistent power from the wall adapter seemed to be just what the mixer needed.

So, if you are considering purchasing one of these mixers, please keep in mind that you will first need cables and second need at least a 5v 1A micro USB power adapter. If you do that, you should be please with this mixer, as am I.

Chris Out!