On Female Firearm Content Creators

So I have been following and creating firearm content for a while now. It is most definitely a male dominated niche out there on the internet. At last look through my analytics, my viewership is well over 99%, with only a sliver of the viewers being female.

Firearm channels presented from a female perspective are much needed and I believe very important to the community. We need more of those types of channels out there. Personally, I follow a few pretty good channels on YouTube with some pretty great ladies that produce some very nice firearm related content.

Kirsten Joy Weiss

Julie Golob



Armed and Feminine

These channels seem to present firearms and second amendment issues from a pretty good position, they are very tasteful and tactful in presentation and overall pretty decent channels as far as not being stereotypical “gun chick” channels. Now, there are a few other channels out there that are fairly popular but in my opinion utilize way too much female sexuality in there production value. While this is simply their style and perfectly fine in the grand scheme of things, I do believe that these channels may be more intimidating to women than the ones previously mentioned, and seen more as “eye candy” for the male audience. Never the less, check them out and see what you think, opinions can vary.


American Gun Chic

There ya go folks, hope I brought some new channels to light for you, enjoy!

Chris Out!