On YouTube Creator Consultations

Due to many requests, CloverTac is going to start offering consultations to other YouTube creators, in particular but not limited to those in a firearm related niche. In these one hour consultations we will teach you how to optimize your YouTube videos to take advantage of every possible opportunity the algorithm allows, to better your odds of not having your videos flagged as “not suitable for all advertisers”, how to craft great titles, descriptions and tags that lead to higher SEO scores and ultimately better YouTube search and suggestion results and more.

How is CloverTac different than other creators helpers out there? Well, first of all, unlike Video Creators that charge $379 per hour and Derral Eves who charges $395 and hour, our services are a meager $10 per hour. Further, these creator helpers are not at all in tune with, actively participate in or remotely understand firearms. CloverTac is a firearm channel, we live, eat, sleep, breath, promote and support that content niche every day.

So, why is CloverTac offering this service so cheap as compared to other creator helpers. That is simple, we at CloverTac believe in passing knowledge on. Just look at our slogan, our tag line, “Chain Fire Freedom”. We have settled on a price that should be easily affordable for channels of all sizes in an attempt to help as many as possible.

Will you see results? Absolutely! In fact, we are so confident in our ability to raise your SEO scores and teach you how to craft ranking tags, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on our services.

What do you need? The following things are required in order for us to help you optimize your channel, videos, etc properly:

A YouTube Channel With Existing Videos

A PC or Mac (no mobile devices)

Google Chrome

TubeBuddy Chrome Extension (free version)

vidIQ Chrome Extension (free version)

Google Hangouts (with at least a microphone)

So, are you ready to learn some new techniques that can help your channel? SWEET! Then we are ready, willing and excited to work with you. You can purchase your desired amount of help, in hours, through the link below. We will then contact you to arrange a consultation time that works best with YOUR scheduling.

Thank You

Chris Out!