On The Tru-Spec Range Belt

The Tru-Spec Range Belt

I received a Tru-Spec Range Belt yesterday. Upon unboxing I was impressed with the quality. The material was sturdy, particularly in the 2-Ply sections, the velcro appeared to hold a great deal of weight and pull and the buckle was solid as all get out. However, I was still a bit skeptical having worn a traditional westenr style belt my entire carry life.

This skepticism was not helped upon trying the belt on for the first time. I wear jeans, not BDUs, not slacks, jeans and what with the width of this belt and the thickness of the 2-Ply sections, it was a bit of a pain to get put on. I did curse just a little bit and wondered if it was worth the hassle. To be fair, as time marches on, putting the belt on may become easier, this was after all the first time.

Now, after spending all day with this belt on, after multiple bathroom breaks having to undo the belt, etc, this belt is growing on me a bit. It appears to be a lot more comfortable than a regular belt. It appears to be much sturdier and have less twist, probably due to the width, thickness and fact that it fits in the belt loops tighter than a traditional belt which obviously allows for less twist. It also appears to carry the weight of my Taurus Protector Poly 38 in an Alien Gear OWB holster much better as well. I feel there is less “sag” in the area where my sidearm sits.

All this said, remember, this is just a quick blog post after the first 24 hours of having this belt and using it. My thoughts and opinions could change over the next few days or weeks as this remains my EDC belt. I will also do a few torture style test in the near future on this belt as well. But I felt it appropriate to document the first 24 hours in blog form for your benefit as well as mine in the future.


Chris Out!

Tru-Spec Range Belt