On Shot Show 2018 Budget

It has been a month since Shot Show so time to lay out the final numbers from the Shot Show budget. We were able to come in under budget by $102! And, though there were some glitches with the USPS, we were able to ship clothes and swag to save the hassle of checked baggage and the costs associated. Once we factor in that our super loyal and awesome supporters helped us out with $302 for the trip, nearly half of the final cost, it is safe to say we did very well with the budgeting and fundraising for Shot Show 2018.

The total projected budget was $830.

The final cost of the trip was $728.

The Shot Show 2018 fundraiser brought in $305.

Our total out of pocket was $423.

Itemized Breakdown:

Uber:  $150 Budget Р$95 Actual = $45 Under

Flight: $250 Budget – $265 Actual = $15 Over

Hotel: $140 Budget – $134 Actual = $6 Under

Food: $150 Budget – $96 Actual = $54 Under

Fuel: $50 Budget – $54 Actual = $4 Over

Baggage: $90 Budget – $0 Actual = $90 Under

Postage: $0 Budget – $84 Actual = $84 Over

We learned a couple of things on this trip. First, lodging in Vegas, especially if room costs are shared, can be really cheap if you shop around and are not picky. Second, if you are gong to Shot Show and Vegas to work and if you are frugal, food costs are not that bad either. Finally, while mailing clothes and swag worked out in the end, it was touch and go whether or not USPS had lost three of our four packages. The same level of savings could have likely if we had checked a bag large enough to bring back swag on the flight. However, the issues with USPS can be explained by the potential high amount of mail going in and out of Vegas during Shot Show. Another route to take might be finding someone that drives into Vegas and have them drop off pre paid boxes at another post office farther outside of Vegas thus bypassing the congestion.

Either way, we are very proud of what we accomplished and how it all works out. It speaks volumes to how working out a budget, paying attention to what is being spend, shopping around and being frugal can save you money in the long run. And, thank you gain for all those who helped support the trip. Hopefully by now you have enjoyed multiple pieces of content and have received some cool Shot Show swag as our thanks.

Chris Out!