On Shot Show 2018 Fundraising

As many of you know, we have an awesome opportunity to get some great content by attending Shot Show in 2018. At this point, airfare and lodging have been taken care of. Round trip airfare, without baggage, was about $250 while lodging comes out to about $35 per night. That said, those two things have exhausted most all of my funds, so I am asking for your help once again to make this content creation trip happen. The following is a projected budget of additional costs for the trip. Unlike the Tulsa trip, I will not have the luxury of being able to bring a cooler to eat from during the day. I will also not have the luxury of having my own vehicle to get from point A to point B as needed.

checked baggage = $90 round trip

resort fees = $25 entire stay

food = $150 entire stay

fuel = $50 to and from DFW airport

transportation in Vegas = $150 entire stay

While my projected budget deficit for the trip is $465 the overall projected cost of the trip is not much more expensive than it was for Tulsa and the stay is twice as long, etc. While any level of support is greatly appreciated the following is a listing of support levels with some sort of perk. Each higher support tier also receives any perks from the lower tiers in addition to that specific perk.

$5.00 or more = Thanks And Shout Outs

$10.00 or more = #Shot2018 Leprechaun Slot Sticker

$20.00 or more = #Shot2018 Video Sponsor

$50.00 or more = $10 In Proxy Wagers

$100.00 or more = $20 In Proxy Wagers

Donations can be made through the button below.